With a zest for both global cultures and flavors, Rania Becker seamlessly blends her multicultural expertise with a passionate commitment to a greener planet. Over six years, she has collaborated with teams and organizations, guiding them toward a future where business practices and sustainability go hand in hand. Fluent in six languages and seasoned by her time at the United Nations shaping accessible climate policies, Rania builds bridges between cultural understanding and corporate environmental responsibility.

Her Master studies at Harvard University were a deep dive into the heart of corporate sustainability, focusing on the power of collective action. Rania’s approach is rooted in the belief that lasting change is fostered through unity and shared commitment. Whether she’s unraveling the intricacies of GHG accounting or guiding luxury brands toward greener practices, Rania is known for her knack for making complex concepts accessible and actionable.

Off-duty, Rania is a globe-trotter and food enthusiast who thrives on connecting with new cultures through their culinary delights. Whether it’s sampling street food in bustling Asian markets or enjoying home-cooked meals in quaint European villages, Rania believes every meal has a story worth savoring.