With a passion for sustainability, a knack for crunching numbers and data-driven decision-making, Leila brings a unique perspective to BWD Strategic. She holds a bachelor’s in pharmacology, which initially sparked her interested in climate-related issues. To turn her passion into a profession, she pursued a master’s in Environment and Sustainability at Western University in Canada.

Before joining BWD Strategic, Leila founded and managed her own carbon consultancy company for five years, working with small/medium-sized enterprises to develop and implement decarbonization plans. She also holds a Project Management Professional designation, underscoring her expertise in leading and executing consulting projects.

As a 2X immigrant, Leila has learned adaptability and values cultural diversity, which enriches her professional approach. Outside of work, she is a busy toddler mom, a geriatric dog owner, an avid bread baker, and a gardener of herbs and tomatoes for the best salsa in town.