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Value creation

The value creation model is a ground-breaking strategic tool, because it allows your executive team, for the first time, to measure and understand the value you create for all your stakeholders.

Think of a profit and loss statement. To continue as a viable concern, the minimum a company must do is to make as much money as it spends. The value creation model – and the concept of system value that underpins it – works on the same principle: what is the minimum a company must do to reach its social and environmental break-even point?

Answering this question requires your business to assess and understand all the ways it affects the world around it. Stakeholders are increasingly asking: what are you doing to create value for all? Not only shareholders, but customers, employees, suppliers, communities, future generations and the planet?

Below is a small sample of how we’ve assisted our clients to answer and communicate these big questions.

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Explain your true value.

“There can be no value in the whole unless there is value in the parts.”
— Bertrand Russell

Some value creation projects we’re proud of