From drafting and proposing eco-policies in boarding school to publishing poetry about socio-economic complexities at university, Cassie has always found innovative ways to push for change. With a multidisciplinary background in literature, philosophy, human geography and sustainability, she is continuing to explore how words, art, people and places can inspire action.

Cassie started out as a journalist for her university’s independent newspaper with a focus on race, gender and social equity. This lit the spark that saw Cassie become a climate change and sustainability consultant working across non-financial reporting, strategy and assurance projects for a Big Four firm. With expertise in urban ecology, carbon credits and climate resilience, she has had the opportunity to work in the climate risk and scenario analysis, carbon market and sustainable finance space.

Cassie loves a good adventure – whether it is found in a glacial lake, rainforest or an epic poem. She is constantly dumbfounded by the extraordinary human capacity for curiosity and kindness.