A trusted advisor, change agent, sustainable development economist and architect for complex system change, Jo Ann brings over 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting with global, Fortune 500 and public sector organizations. She holds an MIA in International Economic & Political Development, Sustainable Development & Environment and has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean for over a decade, as well as the US. With a keen eye for scenario analysis, future readiness, road mapping and capacity building, she knows how to connect and mobilize complex, global entities toward their role in an inclusive and just future.

Jo Ann empowers the next generation of change agents through mentorship, working with startup founders in climate tech, BWD strategists, Columbia University | SIPA and CU Boulder grads. She is involved in building the clean tech ecosystem in Colorado as a place-based economic development model, enhancing innovation, workforce development and the economy, integrating academia, research labs, test labs, finance and industry as a collaborative ecosystem.

When not facilitating complex organizational behavioral, structural and digital transformational change, Jo Ann can be found skiing, cycling and hiking in beautiful Colorado.