UCA Funds Management is the oldest ethical fund manager in Australia. Its history is rooted in the Uniting Church, with profits going back to social impact projects. Seeking to broaden its church-affiliated client base, UCA approached BWD to create a rebrand that would appeal to a wider community of ethically-minded charities and institutions.

The challenge involved developing a modern identity while maintaining the fund manager’s core values and heritage. After a thorough stakeholder engagement process, BWD devised a brand strategy that positioned UCA as an ambassador for good in the corporate world.

The rebrand introduced a new name, ‘U Ethical’, and a visual language based on the concept of ‘reframing the future’. The logo design, inspired by a view-finder, represents U Ethical’s unique investment screening process. Featuring a warm color palette, rounded lines and bold photography, UCA has been reconceived as a contemporary fund manager, positioned to lead on values-based investing through this decade and beyond.