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Change management

Do you need to communicate organisational change? Look no further than BWD. Our creative strategists have helped some of Australia’s biggest companies explain the why, what, when and how to their employees.

It’s no secret that most companies struggle with the execution of their strategies. A study of 124 organisations by Harvard Business Review revealed that only 28 percent of executives and middle managers responsible for executing strategy could list three of their company’s strategic priorities. That’s why some of the world’s best companies rely on us to develop creative ways to engage their employees and external stakeholders.

For example, a strategic plan is often well understood by the executive, but not at the working level. We can resolve the disconnect with a one-page strategy snapshot that every employee can own and understand. We’ve also created presentations, employee engagement strategies and designed take-home pieces to help our clients introduce changes across the board. speciality-diagrams-changemanagement-01

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