The Rockhampton Grammar School

Showcasing Australian education to Asia through virtual reality

With more than 1,300 students of all ages and backgrounds, The Rockhampton Grammar School is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Australia. Since 1881, the School has served as a second home for students from around Queensland and beyond.

BWD has partnered with the School for many years, with a focus on delivering material that assures parents from Sydney to Shanghai that their child will always be safe, challenged and supported at the School, even though far from home.

Two examples of our work are featured on this page. The first is a multi-lingual virtual reality experience that explores the school’s spectacular campus. This campaign also included a comprehensive prospectus in Mandarin, with content tailored specifically for Chinese audiences.

The second is a marketing campaign aimed at bush families. Thrive and Shine is about the joy of new experiences, the dawn of great ideas, and the making of the memories that come to define a happy childhood. To connect with remote audiences, we employed influencer marketing techniques and made use of the ‘bush telegraph’. Both campaigns delivered strong returns on investment by sharply boosting enrolment rates in their target audiences.

Commissioned services