The Rockhampton Grammar School

Helping country kids to thrive and shine

The Rockhampton Grammar School is one of the oldest and most prestigious boarding schools in Australia. Since 1881, the School has served as a second home for students from around Queensland and beyond, including kids from remote communities. Our challenge was to convince parents their child would always be safe, challenged and supported at the School, even though far from home.

The solution

We began with a local area marketing campaign aimed at mums who appreciate the value of a great education. This involved profiling the School’s existing database and Facebook followers and identifying lookalike audiences in similar locations.

With this audience in mind, we developed a campaign revolving around those glorious moments when a child realises their potential. Thrive and Shine is about the joy of new experiences, the dawn of great ideas, and the making of the memories that come to define a happy childhood. To connect with our remote audiences, we employed influencer marketing techniques that made use of the ‘bush telegraph’.

The result

Early results from the Thrive and Shine campaign have been very encouraging. Our Facebook advertising generated a 5 percent response rate, with over 100 families attending the first open day. We had strong responses to our local press and outdoor activities and are about to commence a series of targeted campaigns to remote communities throughout central Queensland and beyond.