Building a sustainable rice company

SunRice has come a long way since 1950, when Aussie rice-growers pooled their money to establish a single rice mill in Leeton. Today, the company boasts a growing portfolio of premium branded products that nourish discerning consumers around the world. Our brief for this project was to refine, design and communicate SunRice’s first ever sustainability report.

The solution

We began by investigating and defining why sustainability was important for the future of rice production, what initiatives were currently being undertaken, where there was room for improvement, and how sustainability was being integrated into the company’s long-term business strategy.

We used these insights to structure the report, ensuring each section revolved around the premise that sustainability was not an add-on to business strategy, but the foundation of long-term viability and success. Recognising that many readers scan reports rather than read them in detail, we crafted a summary of key take-outs to preface each section, and produced interesting case studies to showcase the company’s reputation for technological innovation and community engagement.

From a design perspective, the colours of the report changed to reflect the life-cycle of rice growing – from green seedlings to a golden harvest. Icons in earthy colours supported hand-drawn infographics, stamps and other visuals, designed to reflect a revitalised commitment to sustainability.

The result

The report was well received internally and among external stakeholders. It now serves as a benchmark for SunRice’s ongoing ESG efforts. The design we developed has since been repurposed (with our assistance) for collateral to support the company’s admission to the ASX and for a variety of internal templates – evidence of the recurring value that our expertise in strategy, sustainability expertise and creative design can deliver for clients.