Papa Koh

Selling spring rolls to China

Harpoon is an Australian-owned producer of frozen spring roll pastry and finger foods. They recently invested in a new production facility in Shandong province, China, to quadruple their production capabilities. With this growth strategy in mind, Harpoon asked BWD to rebrand its leading range of pastry products (previously called Crispy Touch) to make them more appealing to Chinese consumers, while retaining the company’s Australian roots.

The solution

With limited time and resources available, we commenced a customer experience process to understand what makes the perfect spring roll. After a (delicious) visit to a local kitchen, we began to appreciate why it took the founder of the company, Papa Koh, twenty years to perfect his recipe and hand-rolling technique. It was clear how much reverence staff, suppliers and customers had for this inspirational figurehead. The result was a rebrand of the company in his name and image.

The result

Papa Koh is now a global brand that remains proud of its Australian heritage. Its name, distinctive logo lock-up and vivid colour palette are becoming increasingly familiar in the frozen food aisles of Asia. Our favourite detail? The ‘thumbs up’ gesture we developed as both a mark of product quality and a gesture that all shoppers, regardless of their native language, can quickly identify with. Sales of Papa Koh pastry products increased significantly in 2018. Export agreements were also signed with Brazil, the UK and Germany.