Oil Search

Explaining how a company contributes to local communities

Oil Search wanted to produce a concise report of its activities in PNG, including information on how it contributed to the sustainable development of the community and its commitment to the ongoing growth of the country and its people. The report had to be easy to understand and light on text to appeal to a diverse audience.

The solution

To capture the many projects the company had supported in PNG, we suggested a map of the country with projects shown in relevant areas. Projects that couldn’t be plotted would be presented graphically using icons and small grabs of supporting text. BWD designed a double-sided A2 poster. The visual style used hints of traditional PNG artworks, textures, handwritten typography and icons to make it engaging and easy to read. We added a final touch: the poster folded down to A5 size using a traditional map fold, making it easy to handle and distribute.

The result

The report was well-received across PNG – so much so that we were asked to produce additional posters to be framed and displayed across Oil Search’s sites.