Landcare Australia

Simplifying complexity online

Landcare is a national network of people who care for Australia’s natural resources. From small beginnings in a Victorian rural town in 1985, it has grown to comprise 6,000 groups nationwide and has spun into three discrete organisations: Landcare, Junior Landcare and Coastcare. Recognising that running three separate websites was confusing for its audience, Landcare sought to create and redesign a single site. The site would also serve as a business development tool and help build stronger corporate and member relationships.

The solution

Through a series of workshops, we worked closely with Landcare to define its most important messages and understand its audiences better. Our research directly informed work on the site’s structure, content, imagery and how information would be best presented.

The result

We refined three complex sites into one and created a new navigation experience – MyLandcare – which allows users to personalise the site based on their interests. We also made the donation link more prominent on the homepage and introduced a map to allow users to find Landcare projects easily. The new website showcases partnerships and case studies more effectively and has helped boost usage rates and funding.

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