Making boring financial results accessible

Insurer IAG wanted to communicate its half-year results to employees in a memorable way. This meant moving away from a customary financial report, dense with facts and figures. Instead, the company wanted a compelling infographic that allowed readers to easily absorb results.

The strategy

How do you convey data in a way that’s both striking and strategic? It’s a challenge we’ve embraced many times in the over 300 infographics we’ve produced. In this instance, we presented three concepts based on IAG’s new branding and agreed on an approach that would allow readers to understand IAG’s performance at a glance.

The result

Working with IAG, we transformed IAG’s half-year results into a poster-sized infographic with six sections – company overview, financial performance, customers, shareholders, employees and the community. We then created four animated GIFs for distribution on IAG’s social media channels. Each of these focused on a different stakeholder – customer, shareholder, employee and community.