Floating the first daigou brand on the Australian Stock Exchange

AuMake is an Australian retail brand that services the daigou and Chinese tourist markets. To fund its ambitious expansion plans, the company sought to raise $6 million on the ASX. In so doing, it became the first daigou-focused brand to list in Australia. AuMake asked us to design their bilingual prospectus.

The solution

The prospectus (in English and simplified Mandarin) was designed to target two distinct audiences: institutional investors seeking to capitalise on the bilateral trade relationship between Australia and China, and the Chinese-Australian community, who had some relationship (guanxi) with AuMake.

Once the prospectus was finalised, we worked with AuMake and a PR partner to refresh the company’s brand, update its digital presence in Australia and China and kick-start a capital-raising campaign. This included a series of bilingual videos, a fund-raising event for the Chinese community in western Sydney and a series of infographics.

The result

The IPO was heavily over-subscribed, with AuMake’s share price (initially eight cents) tripling on the first day of trading. A few days later, the price spiked at 73 cents before settling around the 30 cents mark. The company has subsequently opened a number of stores, including a flagship outlet on Sydney’s George Street. It recently became the exclusive retail partner of Chinese mega-cap in Australia and New Zealand.