Refreshing a brand to celebrate an Australian success story

APA Group is Australia’s largest gas infrastructure business and a top-50 ASX-listed company. But aside from loyal existing investors, employees or customers, many people hadn’t heard of company and didn’t know what it did. APA wanted to change this perception and create a corporate identity that better reflected the skills of its people and the company’s strength and potential – inside and outside the gas industry.

The solution

We launched the project with a brand review and competitor analysis, followed by interviews with the executive team, shareholders, customers and partners, and a series of employee workshops across the country. The findings, which we presented to the board, confirmed the need for the brand to clarify what APA is and does. As one company representative described it: to explain not just the what but the why of the group and its vision.

A key insight gained from the process was that APA wasn’t just a company that owned pipes and moved gas. Rather, it connected customers, investors, developers and land owners. The new brand identity embraced this concept with a red dot to represent energy, passion and the centrality of the customer. We also developed a new tagline: Energy.Connected.

The result

The striking new brand met the client’s request for an ‘evolution, not a revolution’. It was easily applied and adapted to a variety of media, and more importantly, increased APA’s recognition as a leading infrastructure business inside and outside of the gas industry. Feedback confirmed it resonated with long-serving employees and new hires, making them feel proud to be a part of a multi-billion dollar Australian company.