a2 Milk Annual Report

Success and sustainability in the land of milk and honey

The a2 Milk Company approached BWD to help communicate to its expanding shareholder base the incredible story behind its transformative year of unprecedented growth. The aim was to report to their community about their significant financial returns during FY18, the story behind the business and introduce their shareholder base to their new CEO.

The solution

The a2 Milk Company had been through an exciting year, not just financially, but also with bringing to life their unique and intelligent business model, bold growth strategy and strategic partnerships. We workshopped how best to demonstrate this sophisticated strategy as having created long-term viability and not just short-term growth, which resulted in a series of infographics that connects both strategy and sustainability.

The result

The report also successfully connects the company’s history as pioneers and experts to their current position as global leaders in dairy nutrition. It speaks to their audience that ranges from offshore institutional investors to mum-and-dad investors who already know and love the brand. The company has received great feedback from executives and investors alike.