a2 Milk

Partnering with an outstanding global brand

The a2 Milk Company is an extraordinary business, boasting one of the highest net profit margins on the ASX. Founded in 2000, the company has since expanded from a purely domestic fresh milk play into New Zealand’s largest company, supplying its nutritional dairy portfolio to China, the United States and other key global markets.

Following a transformational year of growth in 2017-2018, a2 Milk approached us to refine its annual reporting and investor relations collateral to an increasingly sophisticated shareholder base. Working in partnership with key executives, BWD devised a report focused on how a2 Milk was delivering on its promise to build shareholder value over the long term.

In 2019 and 2020, the company returned to BWD to assist in communicating the next phase of its growth. Our messaging focused on how the business was executing as successfully as ever, including through increased marketing and R&D spend, new distribution and supply partnerships, and continued expansion in key markets. We are proud of our partnership with this outstanding global brand, and our role in supporting its continued success.

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