Creative data visualisation

Are you suffering from data fatigue? Does your head ache with each passing pie chart? Do you feel a surge of irritation when your smartphone pings?

What you will learn

This workshop will teach you:

  • how to find and structure visual stories
  • how to devise and communicate strategy in infographic form
  • to create wireframes and character development
  • how to utilise the latest design tools.

The outcome? High-quality visual stories for your business to share.

How you will learn it

Curated by the digital boffins at BWD – with 600 infographics under their belt and counting – this interactive workshop is jammed with creative ideas for communicating stories and insights with data. You’ll also get to play with the latest tools in creating your own datavis.

Why you should choose this course

If you’re a corporate communicator, strategist, designer or content creator, then this workshop is for you. Come and learn from the best to take your strategic communications skills to the next level.

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