Designing for China

Does your business talk to Chinese suppliers, partners or officials? Are your goals and objectives getting lost in translation? Would you like to learn some more creative ways to communicate strategy?

What you will learn

BWD invites you to a one-day workshop full of practical tips and skills to improve your brand strategy in China.

So if you’re looking to build guanxi, or you’d like to see how other Australian companies are talking business in China, then this is the course for you.

How you will learn it

In this workshop we will take you on a journey to an ancient land where an emperor tasks a loyal servant to find enlightenment for his people. The servant’s route is treacherous; filled with distractions, naysayers and peril. But our hero must persevere to succeed in his mission.

The story of Tang Seng and the Monkey King is an allegory of China’s cultural development. Its symbolism resonates to this day and is the sort of cultural reference that every Westerner should learn if they are to prosper in this complex and fast-changing society.

At BWD, we’ve used the fable to inform our approach to brand development, and in this workshop we’ll show you how to apply the lessons we’ve learned to localise your own brand strategy for China.

Why you should choose this course

If you want to build a brand strategy that is both authentic and sensitive to Chinese market conditions, then this is the course for you.


Chin Yee Lam, Design Director, has worked and studied in China, Malaysia, the UK and Australia, and has practiced cross-cultural design for the past twenty years.

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