Building brands for Asia

Building trust in a brand is hard in the best of circumstances. But when you factor in language barriers, geography, culture, and political differences, it can feel even harder to build (and even easier to break). In this workshop we will analyse how some of the best brands in Asia build and retain trust. And in so doing, we’ll chart a path for you to do the same.

What you will learn

In this workshop we will:

  • chart the origins, development and promotion of successful indigenous brands from China, ASEAN and the Middle East;
  • analyse how their business strategy and performance are communicated through their brand;
  • identify the cultural cues that are significant in their home market;
  • consider how these cues are embellished, updated or removed for other Asian markets; and
  • discuss how these lessons can be applied to your own brand.
How you will learn it

This workshop is both strategic and creative. You will leave with a blueprint for successful brand-building in Asia, supported by inspiring case studies for you to share.

Why you should choose this course

If you’re looking to expand your brand into Asian markets or want to learn from the best practice of our Asian neighbours, drop us a line today.


Chin Yee Lam, Design Director, has worked and studied in China, Malaysia, the UK and Australia, and has practiced cross-cultural design for the past twenty years.

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