Virtual reality

Transforming your connection with brands

Increasingly, through our brand strategy and implementation work, we’re having conversations with clients about how to digitally improve customers’ experiences and interactions with their brand. The immersive value of virtual reality (VR) is often excitedly raised as clients are increasingly aware of the importance of emotional connections between their customers and their brand. 

The problem is that clients believe VR is expensive and difficult to execute, can’t be viewed without a (weird-looking) headset, and isn’t being used by many organisations. Their concerns are fair as, only a few years ago, this would have been true, but we’re pleased to say that these perceptions are rapidly becoming outdated. For example, it’s quite possible to produce a simple, immersive VR experience from as little as $10k, in a similar timeframe as a traditional video, and with an output that can be viewed on a desktop or mobile using nothing more than Youtube.

Following is our primer into VR, and if it rocks your (real or virtual) boat, then why not ask us for some more information?