How does branding fit with other strategies?

When a client engages us on a branding project, the question of how brand strategy fits with other strategies within an organisation often arises. Generally speaking, a creative agency wouldn’t be involved in corporate or business strategy, although there is occasionally some overlap between elements of this and brand strategy.

Corporate and business strategies

are concerned with the overall purpose of an organisation and the way its various business operations work together to achieve particular goals; plus how the organisation employs its competitive strengths to create value for its customers, and make money from this value.

Brand strategy

defines how people should feel about your organisation. It captures belief in what you offer. It is an abstract idea held in the hearts and minds of your customers. Brand strategy defines the brand promise and how it can come to life.

Marketing strategy

defines the market to be served and the best routes to that market. It informs product development, price, how and where it is to be promoted. It is outward-focused whereas brand is both inward- and outward-focused.



By Chris Chatfield