Food for thought: here are some of the topics that interest us.
Business and the Sustainable Development Goals – part 1

In this two-part series BWD’s Managing Director Derryn Heilbuth discusses why she believes the business community is ripe for the take-up of the Sustainable Development Goals. The articles are based on a lecture she delivered to students undertaking the Master of Sustainability degree at the University of Sydney.

Designing diversity

If there’s one brief that I always feel confident will lead to a great creative outcome it’s when a client wants to talk about diversity. All the designers in our studio want a piece of that action as there seems to be endless, interesting ways to talk about it.

The annual report is dead… long live the annual report

Given the supposed death of print, it seemed natural to predict the demise of the annual report - a publication so aligned with that format. However our recent experience this last reporting season, and a browse through the reporting practices of many of Australia’s largest corporates, would indicate neither prediction came to pass.

The virtual you

It’s a Saturday morning in 2038. You wake in anticipation. No work today. Soon you’ll be somebody else. The star of your own fantasy. Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. Or strutting the catwalk in Milan. A medieval samurai appeals. But you eventually settle on rock god. The big hair. The thrill of the stage. The adoring crowd before you. You slide into that virtual suit in the lounge room and slip away…

A better way to think about innovation

We must innovate! is a catchphrase of the digital age. In reality, most of us grip limpet-like to the things we know. Our inclination is to resent changes that force us to move beyond our comfort zone. This is called the familiarity heuristic in behavioural economics – our tendency to favour the familiar over the unknown.

The investment case for sustainability

We all know sustainability is good for the environment and our community. But did you know that sustainable companies also enjoy increased profitability, higher investment returns, and find it easier to attract talent? In the following infographic, BWD explains the investment case for sustainability.

Technology is changing the world: what it means for you

Here’s a thought: in the not too distant future, your Kindle could have face-recognition sensors that record what makes you laugh, cry or frown. Amazon will then sell you stuff based on your reactions. Your books will be reading you, even as you read them.

How to win over audiences without words

Do you have a message or idea to sell to time-poor audiences? Why not use motion graphics? A short animated video has the ability to win over audiences more quickly than words and still images alone. So if you’ve ever wondered how words and messages are transformed into animation, read on.

Why jargon might be ruining your career

Rereading George Orwell’s essay Politics and the English language this week, I was reminded of the link between clear expression and clear thought: If a person is unable to write or speak clearly, it’s unlikely they have much worthwhile to say.

From 2Bs to bots

90% of all the data in the world has been created in the last two years. With the arrival of automated data capture, search marketing, user testing, online polls, chatbots and community forums, forms and 2B pencils are a thing of the past. But what form of data capture is best suited to your business?

How to answer a curveball branding question

So… you’re in an interview for the job of your dreams. You and the interview panel are getting on like a house on fire, so much so that the only thing that could improve it would be a cellar full of fireworks for extra whizz-bang-ery. Surely it’s in the bag. Then, suddenly, one of the panel asks, in an off-the-cuff manner: “One small thing, what do you think about our brand?”

A tale of three cities

China is as large and diverse as Europe, so it’s not surprising that creative and cultural differences abound.In this article we explore how the marketing and communications from three of the biggest regions – Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzen – differ, and what this means for western brands seeking to enter those markets.

“Keep recording…I’ll do it again…”

What 30 years of television journalism has taught me about personal presentation.

The campaign that rocked China

A 12-minute-long video for US sneaker company New Balance’s 110 birthday became one of the most influential viral campaigns in China in 2016. What does this campaign tell us about how to communicate to a Chinese audience? And how can such a lengthy video succeed in such a time poor era?

The paradox of purpose

How the search for meaning is causing consumerism to give back.

The Great Wall trailers

The Great Wall is a blockbuster movie that was funded, directed and shot in China but features the world’s most bankable Hollywood star in the hope of reaching a truly global audience. And with the number of foreign films granted release in China still restricted to approximately 34 a year, this movie could be the start of a new formula that we should all get used to.

Transforming your connection with brands

Increasingly, through our brand strategy and implementation work, we’re having conversations with clients about how to digitally improve customers’ experiences and interactions with their brand. The immersive value of virtual reality (VR) is often excitedly raised as clients are increasingly aware of the importance of emotional connections between their customers and their brand. 

Brand refresh: take the test

Is it time to update your brand? Take the test and find out how your brand is performing.

Ten top tips for talking to China

Cross-cultural pollination in a globalised world is ushering in a vibrant new era of communication. In the following pages you’ll find ten top tips to help you navigate new conversations when doing business in China. 好运 (Good luck)


都说咱们中国人是天生的生意人,这或许没错。 但中澳之间,不仅有语言、表述习惯上的不同,更多的还有文化习俗上的差异。在和澳方人员业务洽谈中, 适当的入乡随俗,就能较快的拉近双方距离。下面就是几个主要差别:


近几年各行各业全球化的趋势,让很多中国企业开始制定海外营销战略,力争把 “中国制造” 品牌,推出国门,迈向国际。海外市场不同的历史文化背景,不一样的语言、人文地理和消费心理等,令制定能够适应本土化的品牌营销战略至关重要。

Enter the daigou

You hear so many BIG NUMBERS about China that it can get a bit tedious: the endless stats about growth and prosperity, the fawning speeches on the Great Opportunity, and the squillion dollar rhetoric around the benefits of CHAFTA, can leave you feeling sleepy and suspicious. But once in a while a story breaks of a local business done good and you have to stop and think: how did they do that? What’s their secret? It seems almost too good to be true.

Talking business, the Chinese way

The common understanding of translation is that it’s a linguistic process, a language “flipping-over”. China is a “vertically” organised society when compared with the more “flat” Australian way of doing things. The implication is that the ranking order in the business world is carefully maintained, if not always displayed.

Untangling Chinese translation

The common understanding of translation is that it’s a linguistic process, a language “flipping-over”. However, translating involves an understanding of more than just words - it carries culture, context and idioms. In this article we discuss some of the nuances of translating from English to Chinese.

The dark art of infographics

As our GM Gethin Fisher points out in AUTOINFOGRAPH, there are plenty of tools out there to help non-designers create simple and fairly professional-looking infographics. But we often hear from clients that, despite the tech available, they feel that their finished pieces lack the polish and pizazz that the same infographic would have had if it was produced by a professional designer.

Lessons from a master storyteller

Australian author Catherine Jinks has written over 40 books, many for that most difficult of audiences: the young adult reader. She has won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award four times, the Victorian Premier's Literary Award, the Aurealis Award for Science Fiction, the IBBY Australia Ena Noel Encouragement Award, the Adelaide Festival Award, and the Davitt Award for Crime Fiction*. But this critically acclaimed author, whose books are published the US, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal started her early writing life as a business writer, making her one of a rare breed: a writer who successfully transcended the divide between business writing and fiction.

Autoinfograph: How technology can make us all designers (sort of)

In April 2016, we were lucky enough to host a workshop with one of Australia’s largest property companies. The objective was to help them win more of the projects they tender for. It was a fun few hours. My colleagues Derryn Heilbuth and Chris Chatfield talked about the writing and design techniques we employ for these long-form documents, and I finished off with two hours on the wider world of data visualisation.


“物竞天择,适者生存”这样的经典译法,是我们后代译者追比前贤的标杆。 我们从中也悟出了道理,英文笔译,就是用中文来理解内容、用地道的英文书面语来复述内容的过程。但在实际工作中,我们常常会忽视翻译的一些基本要求。“怎么写你就怎么翻”!是这样吗?

How does branding fit with other strategies?

When a client engages us on a branding project, the question of how brand strategy fits with other strategies within an organisation often arises. Generally speaking, a creative agency wouldn’t be involved in corporate or business strategy, although there is occasionally some overlap between elements of this and brand strategy.