Yin Duan

Yin Duan

Graphic Designer

Yin is a wondrously talented designer and illustrator from central China. Beautiful beaches lured her to university in Australia and she’s stayed ever since. Yin’s career as professional aesthete began as a young teen with two years of intensive training in traditional fine arts. Today, she creates visual strategy for audiences the world over, combining the best of those early years in Beijing with the latest in contemporary Australian design.

Yin is a series of the best kind of paradoxes: creative yet meticulous, traditional yet open-minded, happy at home, yet desirous to see the world.

Once she jumped out of a window in Spain because she thought it was the best way out of a locked building (it wasn’t). Unaware her foot was broken, she called an Uber instead of an ambulance. Without any Spanish, some painful miming followed, before Yin was eventually patched up in emergency. She loves coffee, animals, movies, and the great outdoors.

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