Sten White

Sten White

Associate - North America

Often described as the “glue” of the workplace, Sten is a passionate sustainability professional who utilizes his humor, kindness, and down to earth attitude to make new connections instantly and forge long-standing bonds with colleagues and clients. Sten was previously the External Communications Manager at the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), where his focus was on advancing the SASB mission by informing and motivating stakeholders through strategic messaging in various communications channels and developing key partnerships.

Before SASB, he was a co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing of his own real-estate product startup, RoboBox, as well as a marketing consultant to multiple education & nonprofit startups.

Sten majored in English at U.C. Davis and Berkeley City College. In college, he discovered his interest in sustainability while managing meal plans and food waste of forty hungry students at his cooperative. Sten loves traveling the globe, reading science fiction and hunting for hidden fashion gems at thrift stores. After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, he recently escaped the fog and moved to sunny South Florida with his cat Skipper.

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