Rowena Young

Rowena Young

Strategy Intern

While Rowena’s background in law and finance may seem unconventional in the world of sustainability, our legal and financial systems are vital in securing a greener future. The overlap of these sectors is where Rowena feels she can make the biggest difference, building on her experience advising corporate clients and volunteering with environmental NGOs. She brings some serious brainpower to BWD, too, with an academic record that makes the rest of us blush.

Growing up, Rowena’s Dad was a keen nature photographer, which sparked her love for the natural world. She inherited his adventurous spirit, (although sadly not his photography skills) and is on a lifelong quest to see animals in the wild. Antarctica is at the top of her bucket list.

No matter where Rowena is, you can be sure to find her proudly, and very loudly, supporting her favourite rugby league teams, the St George Illawarra Dragons and the NSW Blues.

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