Robert O’Farrell

Robert O’Farrell

Design Director

Rob’s dream of bringing the glories of 70s disco to the masses didn’t work out as planned. Luckily for us, design was his second choice: today he has over 20 years’ experience using his talents to make the world better and more beautiful.

Rob has worked closely with the senior management of many of Australia’s largest and most successful companies on their corporate reporting and other strategic priorities. He prides himself on delivering across any medium, including print, digital and any other format the younger generations seek to throw at him. So much for old dogs and new tricks.

Rob once shined as a cocktail barman to the stars, serving the likes of Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence.

Our team

Renee Walker  Head of Sustainability Services
Laura Trueb  Strategy Associate
Ryan Geronimi  Strategy Associate
Derryn Heilbuth  Executive Chairman
Sam McGlennon  Climate and Modern Slavery
Adam Alexander  Head of Technology
Romy Morssinkhof  Strategy Associate
Chin Yee Lam  Head of Data Visualization
Katrina Pitkin  Design Director
Samantha Pearce  Head of Account Services - Design
Alice Knight  Senior Climate Strategist
Neha Nagpal  Strategy Associate
Matt Van Someren  Senior Climate Strategist
Yin Duan  Graphic Designer
& Data Visualizer
Alex Gold  Head of ESG
CEO of BWD North America
Sue White  Finance Manager
Daniel McKenna  Senior Strategy Associate
Thomas Kelly  Junior Designer
Sten White  Strategy & Operations Associate