Renee Walker

Renee Walker

BWD Alumnus - Head of Sustainability Services

Renee is our resident manager of all things sustainability and projects. A pragmatic soul who’s dedicated to delivering for our clients, Renee is formally trained in the field of communication. Her experience ranges from working in a busy newsroom and putting the 6pm news to air through to corporate communications for global organisations such as Diageo, Warner Music and Bayer.

After having two beautiful boys and feeling strongly about wanting to make a positive impact on the world, Renee moved into the field of sustainability for an ASX100 company. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the BWD team in terms of project management, corporate writing, as well as a sound understanding of what happens when the worlds of ESG and Investor Relations collide.

Renee’s dream job (in an alternate universe) would be a dead tie between an excavator or a builder. She has a penchant for fine single malt whisky… Lagavulin, if ya pourin’ a wee dram luv.

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