Neha Nagpal

Neha Nagpal

Senior Strategy Associate

Neha was born and bred in Delhi, in a melting-pot Indian home. Her Punjabi father sparked her love for butter chicken and her Tamilian mother for dosas … and everything in between! Food, travel, culture and language continue to be a big part of her life story.  

Neha had her sustainability “aha moment” on top of a Mayan pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala. After a decade-long career, she bid adieu to marketing and communications and started her second Master’s degree majoring in Sustainability at the University of Sydney. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, but she prefers to call it a mid-life realignment! Her academic research focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and she remains a champion for the framework.  

Neha is certified to work with wildlife. She’s had the opportunity to volunteer in Australia, Indonesia and India. The species she loved working with the most are orangutans, sun bears, koalas and kangaroos. Butter chicken is Neha’s biggest weakness and why she can’t turn to vegetarianism! She’s been searching for Dilliwala (Delhi-style) butter chicken in Sydney since she first arrived in early 2010. 

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