Luke Heilbuth

Luke Heilbuth


Our CEO is a lawyer, with a background in diplomacy and public policy. He prides himself on helping clients address strategic sustainability challenges, his Lebanese cooking skills and a freakish recollection of 90s rap lyrics (yes, even the third verse of Boom! Shake the Room).

In a previous life, Luke wrote landmark speeches for the Australian Prime Minister, oversaw Cabinet processes on the US Alliance and counter-ISIL strategy, and coordinated briefings for the Prime Minister’s engagements with President Obama and other world leaders. He also served as a policy adviser to the Foreign Minister and as a diplomat in Lebanon during the Arab Spring. He speaks Arabic.

Luke was the voice of the stingray in the cartoon, Beached Az. Despite his brush with fame (and outstanding New Zealand accent), Luke’s dream of Pixar stardom remains unfulfilled.

Our team

Alice Knight Senior Climate Strategist
Adam Alexander Head of Technology
Samantha Pearce Head of Account Service - Design
Derryn Heilbuth Executive Chairman
Daniel McKenna Strategy Associate
Yin Duan Graphic Designer
& Data Visualiser
Sam McGlennon Climate and Modern Slavery
Alex Gold Head of ESG
CEO of BWD North America
Chin Yee Lam Head of Data Visualization
Brendan Halbish Head of Design
Rowena Young Strategy Intern
Sten White Associate - North America
Lucy Bradlow Strategic Communications and Campaigns
Renee Walker Sustainability Manager
Robert O’Farrell Design Director
Jess Grinter Design Director
Jim MacDougall Strategy Intern
Romy Morssinkhof Strategy Associate
Katrina Pitkin Design Director
Sue White Finance Manager