Josue Castro

Josue Castro

Senior Strategy Manager

At the beginning of his career Josue received the following piece of advice from a corporate leader: ‘be where the action is’. Since then, his career has spanned diplomacy, international trade, economic development, night-time economy and tech innovation policy. Drawing on these diverse experiences, Josue brings a ‘boundary-spanning’ strategic mindset to his work, combining different analytical perspectives to arrive at novel solutions.

Josue describes himself as a big picture person, committed to real-world outcomes. He loves big ideas and is eager to turn these into practical actions. And he believes that, today, there is no bigger idea than sustainability. A trained diplomat and MBA-graduate with over 14 years’ experience in strategy design and project management, Josue is committed to working with clients to make their sustainability goals a measurable reality.

Outside of work Josue spends his time sampling local parks and cafes with his wife and children, grappling with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and late-night cycling through Sydney, his favourite city in the world.

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