Jim MacDougall

Jim MacDougall

BWD Alumnus - Senior Climate Strategist

Born and raised in New York, Jim moved to Sydney in 2019 – trading in his bagel with a schmear for brekkie rolls and long blacks. As it happened, a change in hemispheres brought on a change in career as he shifted focus from tech to climate change. Jim recently earned a Masters in Sustainability, with a focus on decarbonisation and the blending of ecology with economics. Having spent six years working in sales and partnerships at tech start-ups, he’s no stranger to uncertainty and loves helping clients tackle tricky problems.

As a lover of mountains and wild places, Jim’s happy place is waking up in a tent with a morning brew. While New York’s Adirondack Mountains is his paradise, Australia’s diverse landscapes – and multitude of (mostly friendly) creatures – is second to nowhere.

In his teens, Jim worked as a pizza delivery boy, trail crew worker, and summer camp counsellor. To this day, he relishes a good itinerary (and a fresh slice!).

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