Jess Grinter

Jess Grinter

Head of Brand

Did you know that jess means elegant in Mongolian? Not really. But it would be appropriate. Designer, artist and global traveller extraordinaire, Jess exudes creativity in whatever she turns her hand to.

For over 20 years, she’s used her design talents to bring strategic communications to life. With an innovative approach to problem solving, a love of typography and a matchlessly elegant aesthetic, Jess prides herself on delivering design that’s always fresh and considered. Outside BWD, her wanderlust demands that she keep exploring Australia and the rest of the world, uncovering hidden gems.

Jess’ own business – Whileaway Guides – was the only Australian business chosen from 25 million accounts to feature in Instagram’s promotional video.

Our team

Chin Yee Lam  Head of Data Visualization
Neha Nagpal  Senior Strategy Associate
Katrina Pitkin  Design Director
Sue White  Finance Manager
Heidi Romano  Design Director
Yin Duan  Graphic Designer
& Data Visualizer
Daniel McKenna  Senior Strategy Associate
Derryn Heilbuth  Executive Chairman
Dr. Sam McGlennon  Climate and Modern Slavery
Adam Alexander  Head of Technology
Sten White  Strategy & Operations Associate
Jessica Somers  Strategy Associate
Ben Ziser  Head of Strategy
Thomas Kelly  Junior Designer
Dr. Alex Gold  Head of ESG
CEO of BWD North America
Laura Trueb  Strategy Associate
Samantha Pearce  Head of Account Services - Design
Romy Morssinkhof  Senior Strategy Associate
Matt Van Someren  Senior Climate Strategist