Chin Yee Lam

Chin Yee Lam

Head of Data Visualization

Chin Yee has over 20 years’ experience in the design industry. In addition to his experience in corporate graphic design in Malaysia, he has lectured in Zhuhai and studied in Birmingham. A well-travelled renaissance man, then, Chin Yee heads up BWD’s Malaysian office, where he is equally skilled at designing for Asian or Western audiences.

Indeed, his infographics have reached such dizzying heights that clients have coined a new word to describe them: chinfographics. Other worthy traits include an unmatched ability to find the best Malaysian food, wherever he is in the world. So if you’re ever in the market for a spectacular laksa, drop him a line. Chin Yee is fluent in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Chin Yee loves his little girl, Sophie, and nature too. So he designed and funded an eco-centre in his hometown of Penang, where children from around Malaysia come to learn, play and have fun in nature.

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