Brendan Halbish

Brendan Halbish

Head of Design

Every workplace needs a Brendan – one of those souls who is perennially kind, happy and thoughtful. Throw in hard-working and creative, and you’ve basically got the perfect colleague. He’s even got great hair.

Whether it’s working for top-tier corporate clients, not-for-profits, councils or on environmental initiatives, Brendan’s lifelong interest in how human activity impacts the world comes through in everything he designs. Outside work, he likes to indulge his other senses home-brewing with unusual ingredients, roasting microlot coffees and hanging out in his garden (aforementioned beer or coffee in hand).

Brendan was once in a band whose members had almost the same birthdays as the Beatles. Brendan shares his with John Lennon: a fact he brings up gratuitously at parties.

Our team

Romy Morssinkhof Strategy Associate
Jess Grinter Design Director
Yin Duan Graphic Designer
Sue White Finance Manager
Adam Alexander Head of Digital
Sam McGlennon Climate and Modern Slavery
Alex Gold Head of ESG
CEO of BWD Americas
Katrina Pitkin Design Director
Amy Gordon Head of Operations
Samantha Pearce Account Director
Chin Yee Lam Head of Data Visualization
Robert O’Farrell Design Director
Alice Knight Senior Climate Strategist
Derryn Heilbuth Managing Director
Luke Heilbuth Head of Strategy