Alice Knight

Alice Knight

Senior Climate Strategist

Our Senior Climate Strategist set out to experience the world through food. From taro (and more taro) in remote Vanuatu, to salted butter on crusty bread in France, and finally to soup dumplings and street noodles in China. Between meals, she discovered her other great passion: sustainability in the Asia-Pacific. 

Having completed a master’s in environmental policy from Sciences Po in Paris and an intensive Mandarin course in Shanghai (essential for food consumption), she has returned to Australia to work at BWD. Luckily, Sydney does pretty well on the food front, too. 

Alice loves helping clients solve fiendishly difficult challenges; methodically defining each part of a problem before offering clarity and a practical solution. Her political science studies and experience working in diverse cultural contexts has made her appreciate that there is always more than one way to skin a cat (metaphorically, of course, she loves cats).

Ironwoman and bookworm all in one, she’s keen on both fitness and fantasy novels – and when her wavering faith in humanity can bear it – the shattering insights of Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari.

Our team

Jim MacDougall Strategy Intern
Yin Duan Graphic Designer
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Romy Morssinkhof Strategy Associate
Alex Gold Head of ESG
CEO of BWD North America
Chin Yee Lam Head of Data Visualization
Brendan Halbish Head of Design
Sue White Finance Manager
Derryn Heilbuth Executive Chairman
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Sam McGlennon Climate and Modern Slavery
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