Adam Alexander

Adam Alexander

Head of Technology

Adam dropped out of fine arts to join the internet revolution in 1998… and hasn’t looked back since. He kicked off his career as a digital designer and illustrator in the advertising space. Two decades on, his mind traverses across a veritable empire of digital knowledge. No-one is better at helping clients explore the often strange and indecipherable lands of design thinking, web development and agile project management.

A big fan of sequential art (comic books to the rest of us), digital illustration, gaming and remix culture, Adam also supports open source technology, freedom of information and crowdfunded microlending. He’s undecided on the value of social media.

One of Adam’s claims to fame is that he designed and built the first (and last) website for Australian media legend Ian “Turps” Turpie, just prior to the GFC.

Our team

Alex Gold Head of ESG
CEO of BWD North America
Sten White Associate - North America
Jim MacDougall Strategy Intern
Romy Morssinkhof Strategy Associate
Renee Walker Sustainability Manager
Daniel McKenna Strategy Associate
Chin Yee Lam Head of Data Visualization
Sam McGlennon Climate and Modern Slavery
Yin Duan Graphic Designer
& Data Visualiser
Robert O’Farrell Design Director
Katrina Pitkin Design Director
Brendan Halbish Head of Design
Sue White Finance Manager
Lucy Bradlow Strategic Communications and Campaigns
Derryn Heilbuth Executive Chairman
Samantha Pearce Head of Account Service - Design
Alice Knight Senior Climate Strategist
Jess Grinter Design Director
Rowena Young Strategy Intern