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Purpose-led branding

Walt Disney wasn’t overly concerned with the economics of movie tickets and amusement parks. He understood that profits would come as a consequence of focusing on what really mattered: the needs of his customers. Disney’s purpose — to make people happy — remains consistent to this day.

The world’s best brands are purpose-driven. They clearly explain why they exist, who they exist for, and how they make the world a better place. Their purpose directs everything they do — and don’t do. It defines what they sell, who they hire, and how they respond to change.

Yet few companies answer the ‘why’ question well. Ask a range of managers to explain their purpose and you’ll usually get a range of responses. BWD can help. We’ve developed a rigorous process for building purpose-led brands, refined over years of helping some of the biggest companies in our region.

Profit with purpose.

“What you seek is seeking you”
— Rumi

Some purpose-led branding projects we’re proud of