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Asian expertise

BWD prides itself on its ability to deliver compelling content for Asian – and particularly Chinese – audiences. With fluency in Mandarin, Bahasa and Arabic, we understand the world’s most dynamic region in a way that most Australian businesses don’t.

So if you’re a Western company looking to develop a strategy for expansion into Asian markets – or conversely – if you’re an Asian company looking to grow and prosper internationally, our experienced team can help.

Examples of our expertise include producing bilingual reports for Hong Kong-listed blue chips, building campaigns for Western companies on WeChat, creating Mandarin-language prospectuses, branding FMCG products for Asian consumers, and route-to-market strategies for Chinese businesses expanding into the Asia-Pacific.

Asia Our Process Diagram

Embrace the Asian Century.

“One grows most tired while standing still.”
— Chinese proverb

Some asian expertise projects we’re proud of