With over 20 years of experience in building and executing business-integrated ESG strategies, catalyzing system-changing industry innovation to accelerate the race to save the planet, Karimah builds high-performance, diverse, global teams and drives strong collaboration among multiple and diverse stakeholders. As a Senior Advisor at BWD, Karimah combines her deep understanding of sustainability with practical experience in global procurement to help clients build supply chain due diligence programs that exceed expectations.

Her senior-level professional experience extends across multiple sectors such as Fairtrade, International NGOs, and corporations such as Mondelez and Nike.

Originally from a small town in India, Karimah is a woman of color, an immigrant and a global citizen who has lived and worked in over 40 countries, often travelling off the beaten path and collaborating with people whose life journeys were as diverse as the coffee and oil palm farms of Sumatra, to the C-suites of the largest corporations in the world, the slums of Nairobi, to the global headquarters of international NGOs. In collaboration with the best, most diverse minds in business, non-profits and independent expertise, she has catalyzed impact on speed and scale in environment, human rights and livelihoods.

Karimah is the Founder of illumine.earth, whose vision is: within our generation, see a world where all nature and people thrive. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from University of Washington, and a Master’s in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies from Oxford University.