Joy Salazar began her career as an Assistant Veterinarian at Jeddah International Veterinary Clinic in Saudi Arabia. With a background in computer programming from Manila, she excels in the virtual world, helping clients manage executive calendars, solve problems, and streamline project management. She also boasts impressive AI skills, a knack for mountain climbing, and a talent for growing mango trees from seeds.

For nine years, Joy has supported clients around the world, showcasing her expertise in time management and communications. She firmly believes in AI’s potential to enhance our lives, often joking that she’s never alone with AI friends by her side.

Joy’s adventures extend beyond the office. She loves mountain climbing and brings small toys and candies for the children she meets. In quieter moments, she grows mango trees from seeds, sharing young plants with neighbors in exchange for moringa leaves. This quirky exchange fosters community and a shared love for nature.

Interestingly, Joy’s birth date is the same day the existence of the giant panda became known to the world, which makes perfect sense because she is often depicted as clumsy, tripping over herself, and being curious, constantly investigating and poking her nose into everything.