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Embedding sustainability into social housing strategy

Our response began with a review of the provider’s current reporting, an extensive stakeholder engagement exercise, and an executive workshop to map key ESG issues to strategic pillars. We then devised objectives, metrics, and recommendations organized by stakeholder segment. Ultimately, the framework embedded ESG into the provider’s risk management, strategy,… Read More

Supporting the creation of a new ESG & Sustainability function

We developed strategic workplans with measurable milestones about where the new team needed to actively drive the agenda (such as setting emissions reduction targets), where its input could support an existing agenda (such as formalizing community contribution protocols), and where its support was needed ad hoc (such as public policy… Read More

Creating an inaugural nature strategy

Creating the strategy drew on our full array of in-house technical and strategic sustainability skills, including data collection and analysis, value chain mapping, an understanding of nature-related dependencies and impacts, sustainability risk management, a deep knowledge of nature-related standards and frameworks, and report writing. Our client is proud to be… Read More

Delivering a comprehensive sustainability strategy and plan

The strategy outlines how the business can use sustainability to enhance organizational resilience and long-term value creation. Key themes include circular economy, innovation, emissions reduction, diversity and inclusion, data privacy, and resilient supply chains. The implementation plan is a practical guide for implementing the strategy. It includes sustainability objectives, advice… Read More